In-house developed MasTrack solar tracking system can improve the efficiency by 20-25% compared to the fixed solutions.

In-house developed MasTrack solar tracking system can improve the efficiency by 20-25% compared to the fixed solutions. It can provide its own power by a separated solar panel to charge its battery, or it can be powered by AC that can be supplied from string inverters. It can provide a variety of communication techniques like Zigbee, RS485 or Wifi-Mesh according to the need. The SCADA system, embedded software and remote monitoring software, and all hardware designed and developed in-house, which allows the tracker to be more suitable/configurable as client’s requests. SCADA system has an autonomous mode over the plant, which includes strong wind protection, snow protection, rain cleaning modes by the weather station that is connected to the server. Manual commands are also available in the graphical interface.


Power: 30V solar panel || ACMotor Driver IC: 24v-30A max Infenion driversMotor: Slewing drive || Linear ActuatorCommunication: Zigbee (Modbus) | RS485(Modbus) | WiFi-MeshInclinometer: On-board(BOSCH)Wind Resistance: 45 m/s (after the protection mode activated)